Country Mauritius Port  Port-Louis
Year 2021 Week 24 (14 June - 20 June)


All incoming commercial passenger flights that had been initially cancelled as of midnight 6th March 2021 up until the 15th of May 2021have now been cancelled until the 15th of July where the situation will be reassessed. Commercial flights will resume as from that date.

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The Nationwide confinement has been lifted since 06:00 on Saturday 1st of May.  Some local clusters have are still present and a few areas are still considered as Red Zones. Movements in and out of these areas are strictly controlled and the population is being massively tested. Contact tracing has been implemented and all those who may have been infected in these clusters have been requested to self isolate for 7 days and are being monitored by the Health Authorities. 

The port of Port-Louis is open except to Passenger ships, and the following services are authorized : 

1.    Delivery of Bunker fuels  
2.    Repatriation of crew after negative Covid-19 PCR test. 
3.    Embarkation of crew after 14 days quarantine and negative Covid-19 PCR test. Suspended
4.    Delivery of Provisions, stores, spares, Lube Oil 
5.    Delivery of Fresh water by barge alongside and at anchorage
6.    Renewal of SSCEC 
7.    Repair works 
8.    Disembarkation of weapons only (For PMSC) 
9.    Embarkation of Weapons only (For PMSC) 
10.    Vessels will have to be cleared by Health Authorities which require to have the body temperature of all crew members over the past 7 days 
11.    Crew are allowed to go ashore for short periods after negative Covid-19 PCR test, subject vessel has been at sea for more than 14 days since last port. Suspended


•    Medical disembarkation under the strict control of the MRCC and the Health Authorities through the sanitary corridor protocol
•    The airport is open only for cargo planes and specific commercial flights from Air Mauritius and Emirates Airlines under supervision of the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority for departures only

COVID-19 Update (Mauritius) as at 14.06.2021 : 

Number of infected persons  1673
Number of cured persons  1247
Number of active cases (imported)     408 active cases all in isolation
Number of deceased      18