Port Facilities

The commercial ports of the Republic of Mauritius are under the responsibility of the Mauritius Ports Authority (MPA), a State-controlled organization.

Port Louis harbour, adjoining the capital and main city, is situated on the north-west coast of the island of Mauritius.

The port comprises three terminals :

Designation Length (metres) Max. Vessel Draft (metres)(▲) Main Use
Terminal I
Quays A/D 380 11,0 Bulk/Multi-Purpose
Quay E 135 8,1 Multi-Purpose
TFF 1 160 5,0 Fishing Vessels
TFF 2 185 5,5 Fishing Vessels
FDM 1/2 120(P) 8,5 Reefer/Fishing Vessels
FDM 3 40(P) 5,0 Fishing Vessels
FDM 4 50(P) 2,5 Fishing Vessels
FDM 5/6 110(P) 6,5 Reefer/Fishing Vessels
Terminal II
Quay 1 123(*) 11,0 Bulk/Multi-Purpose
Quays 2/3/4 550 11,0 Bulk/Multi-Purpose
MFD 118(P) 8,0 Reefer/Fishing Vessels
Cruise Jetty 124(*) 10,8 Cruise/Naval/Research
BST Jetty 210 11,0 Tankers/Bulk/MPP
Notes: (*) can accommodate much longer vessels
          (P) privately-operated quays
Terminal III
MCT 1/2 800 16'5 Containers
Oil Jetty 270(**) 13,0 Tankers
Notes: (**) access is normally limited to vessels not more than 225 metres long
           (▲) maximum vessel draft allowed at any one time must be counter-checked with port authorities (Port Master's office)

In addition, there are mooring buoys within the inner harbour (maximum vessel draft 11,0 metres).

Larger vessels can anchor at the Outer Anchorage (between 17 and 70 metres water depth), but still within official Port Limits.

5 Post Panamax and 2 Super Post Panamax gantry cranes (operated by the Cargo Handling Corporation Ltd) are available at the Mauritius Container Terminal.

Bulk discharge facilities are available for wheat, maize, soya bean meal, edible oil (Quays A/D), cement (Quays 2/3), bitumen (Quay 4), Petroleum Products (Oil Jetty, BST Jetty, Quay D, Quay 1), LPG (Oil Jetty) and bulk loading facilities for sugar (BST Jetty) and molasses (Quay D). Coal is usually discharged at Quays 1/2/3.

Pilot & tug assistance are normally compulsory within the inner harbour for all vessels above 100 GT. These services are available round-the-clock.

Mauritius is also a popular port of call for cruise ships and a base port for passenger/cargo ships plying on inter-island routes.

The only other commercial port in the Republic of Mauritius is Port Mathurin, situated at Rodrigues island, some 600 kilometres east of Mauritius, where there is also a 130 metres quay accessible to vessels with 6,6 metres maximum draft.

Special tariff incentives are provided to shipping lines contributing in the developmnent of container transhipment traffic and to vessels calling specifically for bunkering and for other non-commercial purposes