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The island of Mauritius is located at roughly 20° S of latitude and 57° E of longitude, just north of the Tropic of Capricorn, some 1 500 nautical miles east of the coast of Africa, 2 000 nautical miles south-west of the Indian sub-continent and slightly more than 3 000 nautical miles from Singapore or from the west coast of Australia.

Thanks to the geographical dispersion of the various islands which, in addition to the main island and to the principal dependency, Rodrigues, constitute the territory of the Republic, the Exclusive Economic Zone of Mauritius covers a wide area in the south-western part of the Indian Ocean.

Apart from tuna fishing (Mauritius is an active member of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission), there is scope for further exploitation of other fish species and of marine resources generally-speaking.

Resources & Activities

IBLFPA is a shipping agency which specialises in the handling of reefer carriers, fishing vessels and special-purpose ships, as well as vessels calling for bunkering purposes

The department, which has a staff of 11 persons, usually attends to between 100 and 150 port calls each year.

Its main duties & responsibilities include :

organising all operations and attending to all formalities in connection with vessel calls at Port-Louis,

communicating & liaising with Principals, Ship’s Master, port and other competent authorities, all other parties concerned in relation to vessel’s berthing/port movements, cargo operations and vessel/crew requirements,

attending to customs formalities, fishing license applications, export authorisations & documentation and other statutory requirements,

preparing, & submitting for client’s approval, initial/updated Pro-Forma Disbursement Accounts (PFDAs),

appointing service purveyors, ensuring timely & trouble-free execution of planned work and overall cost effectiveness,

verifying invoices prior settlement on behalf of Principals and submitting finalised port disbursement accounts within a reasonable time after vessel’s departure and/or completion of the work cycle.

IBLFPA has a sister organisation, IBL Fishing Company Ltd, which operates as a freeport-licensed company and handles customs & related formalities in respect of import/re-export consignments.

Reefer Carriers

The agency attends to reefer carriers calling at Port-Louis to discharge tuna consignments (about 100 000 tonnes annually) for local processing plants.

Most of these vessels are in the 3 000 to 6 000 tonne capacity range and they generally unload their cargo at private quays.

Vessel technical/supply requirements are also attended to, including all matters pertaining to crew.

Another activity relates to fish transhipment, with reefer carriers calling at Port-Louis to pick up consignments (mostly tuna) bound for export markets in Asia, Europe or America.

Regular clients include well-known reefership operators based in Europe and Asia.

Fishing Vessels

Fishing vessel calls at Port-Louis consist of tuna purse seiners, mostly French & Spanish, which operate in the Western Indian Ocean, trawlers operating in the Southern Indian Ocean and longliners engaged in albacora/skipjack fishing in the region.

Whilst many of these vessel calls are for commercial purposes, i.e discharge of their fish catch for export, Port-Louis is also utilised as a conveniently located base port from where to load bunkers, water & supplies, to provide ship drydocking/repair/maintenance and crew support facilities and to load fish baits and fish tackles. It is also a strategically located transit point for vessels being repositioned between the Asia/Pacific and Atlantic regions.

Our regular customers include fishing vessel operators domiciled in France (including La Réunion), Spain, Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea, Australia & New Zealand.


The geographical position of Port Louis makes it an ideal bunkering point for vessels plying within the Southern Indian Ocean on East/West (Atlantic/Africa to East Asia/Oceania or vice-versa) and North/South (Indian subcontinent to Atlantic/Africa or vice-versa) trade segments.

IBL FPA specialises in cost-effective agency services for bunker operations for all types of vessels and can provide extremely attractive quotes for bunker due to close ties with Oil Majors.

Main Contact Persons

Agency Operations Manager

Tel: (230) 206 69 50   Mobile: (230) 5940 36 56 Fax: (230) 216 44 25 Email: Nrault@iblmarine.com
Mr.Franco ADAM
Senior Operations Supervisor

Tel: (230) 206 69 55   Mobile: (230) 5941 48 95 Fax: (230) 216 44 25 Email: operationsfpa@iblmarine.com
Mr.Pascal LEUNG
Operations Supervisor

Tel: (230) 206 69 52   Mobile: (230) 5941 48 93 Fax: (230) 216 44 25 Email: marketingfpa@iblmarine.com
Customs/Documentation Supervisor

Tel: (230) 206 69 54   Mobile: (230) 5941 48 94 Fax: (230) 216 44 25 Email: customsfpa@iblmarine.com
Capt.Thierry PERRIER
General Manager

Tel: (230) 206 69 95   Mobile: (230) 5940 36 50 Fax: (230) 217 49 39 Email: tperrier@iblmarine.com
Operations Department

Email: operationsfpa@iblmarine.com

Office Address

IBL Fishing & Port Agency
Froid des Mascareignes complex 2
Freeport Zone 21
Mer Rouge
11609 Port-Louis
Republic of Mauritius

China IBL Fishing & Port Agency船务代理部门为客户提供符合成本效益的代理服务,服务对象包括渔船 ,冷藏货船 ,和需要加油的各样船舶。

Spain El departamento IBL Fishing & Port Agency, ofrece una completa y económica gama de servicios de agencia para los distintos tipos de buques que hacen escala en Port Louis y está especializado en mercantes frigoríficos, buques pesqueros y buques comerciales en entradas específicas de aprovisionamiento de combustible.

Japan 漁業及び港湾代理業務部門はポートルイスに寄港する種々のタイプの船舶、特には、冷凍運搬船、漁船及び給油目的の商船に対し、代理店としての効果的なあらゆるサービスを行います。

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